This is me, as a


I am currently working as a doctoral researcher at the Department of Management Studies in Aalto University School of Business. In my doctoral thesis, I explore how new practices emerge and guide organizing at grassroots. My research interests include practices of alternative organizing, social movements, markets, and informal work. I draw on practice theory to contribute to better understanding of organizing that increasingly happens outside the context of formal organizations. Methodologically I consider ethnography as an approach most suitable for studying and better understanding practices ‘from inside’. I have previously engaged in research projects on stakeholder management, corporate social responsibility, and business in emerging markets.


My teaching profile goes back ten years, when I started teaching University preparation courses. I was responsible for the topics of Management and Marketing for two years, until I started to work for Aalto University School of Business. I have engaged in teaching CSR in Business Schools and other Universities for several years. I have also engaged in curriculum work. For a few years, my passion has been to move away from ‘teaching’ towards ‘facilitating learning’. Together with my colleague, we have been developing dialogue-based pedagogy specifically for teaching the topics of sustainability and corporate social responsibility in an interdisciplinary environment.


My two lively children keep me busy. They have taught me patience, playfulness, and appreciation of little things. Above all, being a mother has made me think in broader terms and look at the world as not just being there as a resource for me and my pleasures, but for being valuable for all its habitat. One may be grateful for being able to share all experiences with little people, who are so absolutely present in the moment, and enjoy mundane things as if it were the first time to experience them.


Alongside my research and teaching interests, I have engage in issues that appear societally relevant for me. Specifically, issues related to global food regime, local food economies, and social movements around food have occupied my time. More broadly, I am also interested in questions of wellbeing and sustainability, changing nature of work, and economic systems.

Just me

I enjoy the nature and being in the outdoors. I love all four seasons of the year. I enjoy spending time at home, organizing dinners for friends and family, and traveling and exploring new places. I love the smell of campfire, recently mowed grass, and coffee beans. I also love hiking, cooking, listening and dancing to good music, reading, mushrooming and berry picking, swimming in the ocean… All in all, life is good!