This is me


As a Doctor of Science in Economics, I specialize in organizational research. This has lead me to research how new forms of economic organizing and exchange practices emerge. I am currently affiliated with the Department of Management Studies in Aalto University School of Business.

My research interests include practices of exchange, social movements, and new food economies. I draw on practice theory to contribute to a better understanding of organizing that increasingly happens outside the context of formal organizations. Methodologically I consider ethnography as an approach most suitable for studying and better understanding practices ‘from inside’. I have previously engaged in research projects on stakeholder management, corporate social responsibility, and business in emerging markets.


My teaching profile goes back ten years, when I started teaching University preparation courses. I was responsible for the topics of Management and Marketing for two years, until I started to work for Aalto University School of Business. I have engaged in teaching CSR in Business Schools and other Universities for several years. I have also engaged in curriculum work. For a few years, my passion has been to move away from ‘teaching’ towards ‘facilitating learning’. Together with my colleague, we have been developing dialogue-based pedagogy specifically for teaching the topics of sustainability and corporate social responsibility in an interdisciplinary environment.


Alongside my research and teaching interests, I have engaged societally relevant for issues. Specifically, issues related to global food regime, local food economies, and social movements around food have occupied my time. More broadly, I am also interested in questions of wellbeing and sustainability, changing nature of work, and economic systems.